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Why Stonington?
Stonington is a quintessential New England town that has a unique blend of rural, village and ocean front living options. Active farms, vineyards, commercial fishing and marinas all combine to provide something for every lifestyle. There is a large amount of open space, nature trails, beach access and cultural assets. Stonington has an excellent School system and has easy access to excellent tertiary education, health care and eldercare.

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Our featured real estate professional,    Judi Caracausa   . Visit all our agents via the links below.

Our featured real estate professional, Judi Caracausa. Visit all our agents via the links below.

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Cannons from the US Navy schooner Revenge that sank in 1811 are still being recovered from the reefs off Stonington, a reminder that history lives on here.  Home to the last commercial fishing fleet (video) in Connecticut and bordering the long sand beaches of Rhode Island, Stonington has ties to the sea that run long and deep.  World renowned Mystic Seaport and Mystic Aquarium are actually in Stonington, but the five villages that comprise the town offer visitors an immersive dive into the community, culture and history of a region first settled in 1649 and lived in ever since.

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